Looking for some free and yet effective photography marketing ideas you can use? Look no further and use these top 5 ideas that work 100%!

So, you’ve transformed your photography hobby into a serious business, but how can you find clientele now to purchase your products or use your services.

The traditional advertising and promoting such as an ad in a newspaper or in a magazine is super expensive and sometimes is worthless. So, you can’t risk with wasting your money and get no results in return. The good news is that there are many photography marketing tips you can implement for free.

Here are some of the ideas you can use:

  1. Google Business Pages – When you search something on Google and you include a location in your search keyword or phrase, for instance, New York Wedding Photographer, Google is prioritizing their Google Business listings before the organic ones. These listings are absolutely free, so make sure to go and get one!
  2. Automate the Social Media Posts – We all know that social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others can be a great way to promote your work. If you don’t want to waste too much time on social media or if you are not sure when to post something, you can use the service IFTTT which is free to automate all of your posts.
  3. Offer Referral Bonuses & Discounts – One of the most powerful strategies you can use for moving your business forward is definitely the word of mouth advertising. One method to help encourage this strategy to reward the individuals who tell their friends and family about your business and how great you are.
  4. Network with Professional Photographers – It is incredible how loyal the business owners can be to one another when they really support each other. Make sure to get involved with other local professional photographers so you can promote your business through them.
  5. Get featured on Photo Blogs – You can find many portrait and wedding blogs online that feature photography and photographers. You can try and get features and then promote it where your potential clients can see it. After all, there is nothing wrong with reminding your clientele how great your business is.

Make sure to use these 5 effective photography marketing ideas and bring your business to the next level!

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